Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My second video! (Jared, I figured out iMovie)

Original Email Post: Aug 12


Man it's been a crazy week. I attended a girl's camp this week as media staff. It was the first girls camp with a focus on science, technology, and math. It was pretty awesome. Here's the video of this week's compiled videos: 

I'll also be uploading photos soon. It was pretty cool to see all the girls so hyped and excited and actually rowdy. It's crazy what they've learned/not learned. Anyhow, it was SO EXHAUSTING. So after yesterday's escort of girls back to Fort Portal (7 hours), I got to come back to Kampala today (5 hours) for a meeting tomorrow (which is timed badly, not early enough that I can go home tomorrow but not late enough for me to come in on the morning bus) and then back to Fort Portal on Tuesday (5 hours). Yea....

Bleh. I'm soooo excited! Less than 1 month to go! But I'm sad, cause one of my good friends here in Fort Portal (Karla, 49years young!) has decided to terminate her contract and will be leaving in September also. Poo. But best of luck to her anyways.

So yes. Check out my video, it really was a great camp.

And my (fat) hillary clinton picture if you haven't already.

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