Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Less than a week to go!

Original Email Post: Sept 14


Man, it's been a fun week. We started gathering info for a US Embassy grant that I think we have a decent shot at (I gotz connections! well no, I just took advantage of meeting the grant coordinator when she was in town and showed my project). Had dinner/lunch at a bunch of people's houses, ran into a treadmill machine and now have a nice crescent shaped bruise, etc.

hmm... story of the week:

Tiff: Hey John! Let's go swimming at the lake
John: Sounds good
-while swimming at the lake-
John: Tiff, you swim ahead, I'll swim back slowly
-2 min later-
John: Hey Tiff....I'm having some trouble breathing....

So I got to rescue a man who's like 5x my size and pull him back to the dock. Great workout. And then we paddled around the lake in a very heavy rowboat Cool stuff.

Then yesterday, the new South African manager (he's apparently white like me- but he really is white, not like me), caught me off guard when he asked me to think about expanding the swim program at the hotel (it's a very nice hotel...around 180$ a night?) and asked if we could work together to make me Mountain of the Moon's swim instructor. Cool.....I think.

Yesterday, I saw half a (skinned) cow in a wheelbarrow. Idk, I may come out of Peace Corps a vegetarian....maybe. I really like meat.

Anyhow! I'm super excited to hang out/see you/workout with all of you guys! I may even cook for some of you (I'm bringing my cookbook back) GASP! yeah? crazy idea...Tiffany cooking... 

but drooooool......85 degrees/ten ren/pho/food here I come!

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