Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Busy but not Busy

Original Email Blog: Oct 31


So it's been 2 weeks or so now since I've been back. And I've been not busy but busy if it makes sense. Back to some grant writing stuff with my org and as I mentioned in the previous email, I had received donations from amazingly generous people (special shout out to Irene and the Christian Women's Business Club) and with that money, we were able to buy a cow and start our new dairy income generating project. I will send the break down of costs for the project in s a separate email. Let me know if any of you would like to see the details.
-the income generated from this cow's daily milk production will be able to help support 10 children in attending school each term. cool huh?

mmm. I feel like I've been so fortunate. Going to Africa, I got Uganda (paradise supposedly compared to service in other parts of Africa). In Uganda, I was sent to Fort Portal (weather's just like CA). Here in Fort Portal, I'm working with TOCI (where everyone is friendly, flexible, interested in things, and there's no corruption!). I haven't had to deal with Ugandan time (being late by at least 1-2 hours), corruption, or bad transport (stuffed and slow) or roads (dirt, mud, pot holes). 

And somehow, I've been lucky enough to be at the right places at the right times and have met the right people. Ex: I met Leslie (who was working at CA Bikes) and we became great friends and she connected me to CA Bikes and their staff. From her, I also met Chris (a visiting tourist) who visited TOCI and fell in love. He's raised money for TOCI in England and has helped us erect a pit latrine for a nursery school and buy another motorcycle. Through CA Bikes. TOCI kids were able to get some bikes to help them get to school. Then, through CA Bikes again, I met John (tourist) who decided he also wanted to help TOCI. So he's donated some money and has made Micheal (my supervisor) an interest free loan so that he can start a personal income generating project that will also help TOCI. 
--good stuff right?
--------------oh, and with all we've done in the past year, we went from being unknown in the district to top 5 CBO in the district in the past year. Crazy!

Anyhow, those are my recent thoughts. I have training with Peace Corps next week (yay----hear my sarcasm) and more swim lessons to give. I have a bunch of new students =)

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